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Let the reader bear eonslantly in mind, that much of the book is in the form of prophetic rerelaUon, and hence the scenes are lud in the future, but tione the less truthfully on that account. We will Bimpi; bint, how- o? But, bowerer mudi any one may doubt the prophetia portioDS of the fol- lowing TOlume, that, by no means, inTsiidatee the remainder, which ia a Teritable record of existing facts.

God Of All Possibilities By Rev Natasha

And now ye critics of- jwtrician rsnk and authority! If not his deeds, merit joor approTal, not jonr scorn nor jonr ire, much less jonr TudiottTenees, if. Indeed, snobpassions can dwell in 7onroele8tisl minds. They will, of course, poor ont the Tials of theirwrathapon the headof thennknownanthor. Bat to those who may have the felicity of peruung the following delectable nar- TfttioQ, the nutter will be fully ezphuned.

In fitct, many now living are destined to see such obaagee as the history of the post can DC where prodnoe.

Among the least of these novelties, is a new classification of the fanman species. Woman's Riohtb. Kcitder, we are about to give a veritable history of this movemeat, in the coarse of which we ahall make disclosures of a character so extraordinary, and open to the world events so startling in their nature that we fvar credulity itself will almost doubt the authenticity of the Gimple narrative of facts which we are abont to relate.

But in this, our exordium, we wish distinctly to avow our admiration of the sex in general, and of female women in par- ticular ; also that ve are not bo fool-hardy as to undertake a crusade against any of their long established rights. That they have ever worn the breeches in a figurative seuse, and indirect- ly controlled the stronger sex, from Eve downward, as abeo- lately as Napoleon his legions, no one in his sober senses will for a moment deny, and any attempt to reverse or modify this time established order would be no less futile than Don Quix- ote's eDCOQQter with the wind-mills, or the efforts of Mrs.

The Atlantic was indeed aroused, and so wan Mrs. Partington ; bnt the contest was unequal, and after a gallant resist- ance, Mrs. Partington, like other great souls under adverse circumstances, was obliged to succumb as all would be who should deny or seek to subvert the supremacy of wo- man's will. It is simply a record of historio facts, bat differing from history in genertil in the following important pttrlicolar.

It is not a recital of past events gleaned from mosty docnmenia, donbtfol records, and still more nncer- tain mditious, but a history of the future as aathentio and true as if drawn from that primal home of truth itself, " the bottom of a well. But, says the skeptical reader, how is this mighty revolution to be effected?

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Not by suddeo outbreak of warlike demon- Btration. He may be subdued for the time and lie, like nnhappy Poland, at the feet of his relentless subjugator ; but, like Poland, will he seize every favorable opportunity for revolt. Hb sulMnission is secured only by constant and nntiring vigi- lance. For the most part woman's anger, like the convulsions of nature, is terrific, but doee not endure.

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The showers of April are quickly followed by the sunshine of May. So with woman. Her paroxysms of wrath are soon succeeded by the smiles of love and the kisses of peace. Womui is powerful bnt in ber own sphere. And here, says tbe sapient reader to himself, here lies tbe danger. When woman "stoops to conquer" when she brings into plaj her smiles and her Uan with her thousand ooqnettish arts, in short wben she then it is that losing our independence, we suffer ourselves to be bound as with fetters of steel. Yet impotent as we are under the enchantments of the sex, a want of preconcerted and united action on their part has thus far left us free.

Mark that tiny streamlet as it wends its way down the monntain slope. Whispeiing its nothings to the summer breeie and coquetting with the flow- erets that fringe its banks, it goes dandog to the Eoand of ita own liquid music and laughing to soom the obstacles which obstmct its progress. Joined snocessively by sister streamlets, anon, the aggregate swells into tbe majeatio river, rolling on- ward to the ocean whose yielding bnt resistless folds cnoirclo the world.

Dragon's Moon

She will lure us with syren song, she will strew with garlands her oonqueriDg path, and wreathe our chuns with fairy favora till submissive, cringing slaves, wo lie at her feet, then Sampson like, are we delivered into the buds of the Philistines. Another power differing essentially from otdinar; human instrumentality and unencumbered with the dross of ma- terialism, is exerting its potent but invisible agency in behalf of the down-trodden and enslsved peltkoaioerafy of the Empire State.

This agency more supernatural in its origin — more miracn- loos in its developments than any thing tiie world has witnessed sinoa the magic transactions in the castle of Udolpho or the en- counters of pious Cotton Itlatber with the witches of Salem, is yet in mere embryo, bnt in forthcoming maturity is desdned to revolu- tionise the worid, fbnning a new meridian in the calendar of time, and casting a halo of glofy around the close of the nineteenth century, compared with which, the boasted human inventions of the age, will be but as farthing rush-lights beside the crater of Vesuvius, or the pattering of rain drops, to the roar of Niagara.

We allnde to Spiritualism, the talisman under which woman, casting her banner to the hreeie vrill bear it onward from vio- Mry to victory, till it floats proudly in the noontide blase of political power and then. But we moat not anticipate. Produce your authority says the incredulous reader, for these wonderful revelations or how are we to jodge of their veracity.

Were we writing of the past, your demand would be reasonable, and if refused an answer, the credibility of the nanative might well be doubted. The vinda howled aroaod, and through every crevice came porteatons whis- periogs. Xjightniiigi blazed. Earth, air and sky, mingled together, portended some dire catastrophe. Such a nigbt was calcnlated to indaoe gloomy forebodings and people superstitions fancy with spectres and ghosts. Amasiah had been aconstomed to regard snch a aceoe in no other Kgbt tbui simply as an unpleasant one, nay, he had often rallied the timorooa who oonld not enjoy a thander storm.

What Are We Reading And Reviewing in July 12222?

Though not given to superstition, a strange feeling came over him. Why, he ooold not tell. He was in good health and cheerful mood. However, unwilling to incur the reputa- tion of yielding to womanish fears, he resolutely sought to quiet himself upon his conch. But to the iDom. It was moderately large, ceiling lugh, with two windows lott- ing to the street. The furniture of ordinary Btjle, bed, ward- robe, oentre-table, waah-atand, half a doaen chain, including a comlbrtable armed rocker , stove, settee, mirror, a small case of misoellaneons books, et cetra.

On the stand was neatly placed, bowl, pitcher and napkin for his morning ablntioi.


Sad and dismal sensationa oppressed him. Never before bad he so realised the estate of bis lonelineas in the world.

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Longing for some one with whom to oommunioate, he was led for the moment to envy those of his kind who were blessed with conjugal partners of their joys aud sorrows, espe- cially amid the terror and tortnres of a nootamal, not matri- monial, thnnder storm. Bat by what power, viaible or inviaible F It oonld not be a Spiritnal- Bapper. He was a rabid akeptio on that score. Was it not some robber or aaaasaio issniiig from his eoncealment to dispatch hia victim f Amaiiah had wronged no one, and hie known antipathy to filthy Incre was indemnity agunst the aaaanlts of avarice.

Had not the chambermaid, either in a fit of somnam- hulism or to play off some game of innocent oonspinoy, with her duplicate key, gained entrance unobserved, amid the rattling-. We say ranged theuuelvei, for though the hghtqing gave a view as clear as noon-day, tbere was no visible agency in the mysterious movement. Badger sprang to a sitting posture. Hia hair stood ereoL The cold sweat gathered in drops on his face.

His knees smote together and his eyeballs seemed starting from their sockets. To escape was impracticable, far he was barricaded. At length rcgaioing his Tolnotarj powers tnd Btiikiog his band with Tiolence upon his forehead, he colleoled his wits about him, to deternune whether indeed tin thia was reality or not. GoiiBoions of his own identity and the soundness of hia senses, it was clearly no empty vision.

Dragon's Moon (Children of the Moon, #4) by Lucy Monroe

It is hard to say what the effect upon him would have been, whether a giving up of the ghost on the spot, or confirmed insanity, hat fortnoately, as often happens, despair begat cour- age and oonrage banished fear. His shattered thoughts and senses measarably restored, he resolTed to know the bottom of this husinesa. Accordingly hia first effort was to leap out of bed and strike a light, but his ranscalar powers were suspended. Gould it be, that he was a victira of the horrible catatepty f The bare thought how ap- palling I Shroud, eoflSn, weeping friends, Aineral train and yawning grave, all rose visibly before him.

Darkness gathered on his eyelids.