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  1. How to Lift DepressionFast: The Human Givens Approach by Joe Griffin
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Numbers limited to eight participants only.

How to Lift DepressionFast: The Human Givens Approach by Joe Griffin

Both approaches have proven benefits for emotional health and physical health. Join us for a unique, rich day designed to introduce the benefits and practice of both to enable you to harness the power of your brain and optimse your health. This is all set within a Human Givens Psychological framework. The course will anchor the experience of mindfulness in the neuroscientific evidence that demonstrates its effectiveness, explaining how and why it works. Key elements of Human Givens will be explained so that a growing capacity to be mindful can be informed and supported by a growing understanding of what we need to be healthy in the world, and how we can achieve that.


Thus theory, information and practice will be at the core of the course offering a holistic approach to Mindfulness and optimum emotional health and the immediate insight, understanding and opportunity to begin to achieve it. The day will run from 10am to 4. He has previously taught Tae Chi and Ci Gong and is a huge exponent of the power of meditation to facilitate optimum mental and physical health. Cathriona is a strong advocate of its great potential benefits for stress reduction and optimizing emotional and physical health.

Prior Booking is Essential.


Availability is restricted to ensure intimacy of group to maximize learning and experience. An understanding of the brain and how it works under stress, and what it needs to function well, is central to maximising results in any performance — including exams. The Talk is informed by Human Givens Psychology, the bio-psycho-social approach to understanding and achieving emotional health which has proven results and which is practiced at the Centre, underpinned by the latest neuroscientific research.

Students will get the opportunity to put the theory into practice: We will conduct a relaxation and rehearsal session which they can record for themselves.

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Notes will also be provided. Understanding why you gain weight — at a physiological, neurological and psychological level — offers you insight and motivation to gain control. Human Givens Part 1. Human Givens Part 2. He will also explain how an understanding of emotional needs and how to get them met, helps to restore a happy, balanced and productive individual who is positively contributing to society. Joe or any of the Human Givens therapists in attendance will be happy to answer any of your questions on the evening.

Venue: J. Phil Psych is co-founder of Human Givens Psychotherapy and works at the leading edge of skills-based therapy.

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He has co-authored six best selling books on psychotherapy and is recognised on radio, television, and numerous publications as a skilled and entertaining speaker. Well over , people attended MindFields courses during its years of operation. In , as a result of an increasing demand, the Human Givens Diploma Course was developed.

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In fact, one of the fundamental principles of this approach has always been that we should never stop learning; new knowledge, insights and skills when they are backed up with genuine scientific understanding should be incorporated into the fundamental framework of the human givens whenever possible to increase its effectiveness.

In , the Human Givens Institute HGI was set up to act as the professional body of human givens therapists and as a means for people using the approach to keep in touch with one another and share ideas. Demand was so great it was republished almost immediately and then came out in paperback. Dreaming Reality: How dreaming keeps us sane, or can drive us mad , was first published in with a paperback version in These have proved extremely popular How to lift depression fast , for instance, has sold over 30, copies.

Highly practical and written without jargon, they are suitable for individuals and anyone who wants to help others; the first titles quickly became best sellers and more are in preparation.

Human Givens Therapy: An Introduction - Ivan Tyrrell

It contained a wealth of articles and case histories about how the approach had been used by a wide range of professionals to improve, often dramatically, outcomes.