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Countless women have said it was, day after day, the right word in the right season. Click here to sign up for my free email series or simply click on the image below. Click to Learn More. I'm Rachel, mother of 5 young kids living in the Florida panhandle with my Australian husband. I write about family culture, family rhythms and routines, and boundaries in motherhood and life. You can see snippets of my daily life here and visit my shop for baby sleep, organizing, and routine help.

Geeezzz, it was like you were inside my brain today! I just wanted to say thank you for your easy peasy routine for 2 year olds! I day-weaned my 2 year old a month ago and have been trying everything to get him to go down for a nap without the nursing. Nothing was working and I was starting to think he would never have a nap again. Then today I told him it was quiet time again and he tried to escape the bed a couple times, but in the end he snuggled up after the warm bottle and fell asleep for 3 hours!

I was almost in tears I was so excited! So thank you! Thanks for for doing this Everyday Mom Super Bundle sale. Your sale is serendipitous.

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I just wanted to let you know that your blog and emails have been a tremendous help to me. Your practical, honest, and humble writing is a breath of fresh air! With help and encouragement drawn from your writing, I have made some incredible changes in the order and sanity of our home, in just the past few weeks. My kids are doing chores daily, and I also have clearer expectations of myself. Our home is in much better order, and so is my mind.

So, thank you!!!! You have made a difference for me and my family. I stumbled upon your blog one morning after praying night after night for God to fix my home! I had just had a baby this May 1st and also have a 2 and 4 year old and my home broke out in complete chaos! Even my marriage seemed like it was on the brink of extinction and this had happened in 2 weeks!

I read numerous amounts of your entries and applied them to my home life and I am happy to say we are slowly getting back to normal. Thank you Rachel! And then I found your website and read your pieces about sleeping and eating.

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I carefully read through your schedules and decided to try it. And within a week or two our little girl changed from a frustrated baby into this happy dappy smiling ray of sunshine, that is able to settle herself down by sucking on her fists, even in the middle of the night. At 12 weeks baby girl slept through the night and now at 20 weeks old she sleeps a good 10 to 12 hours every night. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experience online. The way you wrote your experiences made it understandable, seeing it from the babys side but also the moms side.

Maybe we were lucky that your way fitted our baby, but it worked and I tell it to everyone that wants to know! Ethical Wisdom. As Director of the Family Constellation Institute and the Hellinger Institute of Northern California, he specializes in working with depression , anxiety , obsessive thoughts, fears, panic disorders, self-injury , chronic pain and persistent symptoms and conditions.

Habits of the House

The ones no one talks about. The good news is that once we make these links, we can then break the cycle. What are some of the signs? For example, I once worked with a woman who became consumed with anxiety as soon as she became a mother. When I asked her some of the questions I outline in my book, she told me that she carried a terrible fear of harming her baby.

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Our family has never been allowed to talk about it. There are also cases where we are born with inherited traumas. We never think to unpack it. We never think to separate it from us. Biologically, when trauma takes place in a family, it can affect the genes for generations. Next we need to have an experience powerful enough to override the old trauma response that lives in so many of us.

Then we practice the new feelings of this experience. The idea is to steal traction away from the highly efficient trauma cycle that keeps us in a state of suffering, and engage other areas of the brain.

(Good)-Habits of the House (Love and Inheritance) (Paperback)-Weldon, Fay | eBay

In the book, I teach how to do this in a new way—so that new neural pathways get laid down in the brain, so our brains can change. Do you work with the narrative people tell themselves about who they come from, who they are, and what they can expect for themselves?

I asked her if she had hurt someone or if she left someone and he committed suicide. Her childhood and her relationship with her parents seemed to be happy and uneventful.

John, King of England

Then we dug deeper into the family story. Grandma hit a telephone pole and grandpa went through the windshield. He was lacerated from the glass and bled out before an ambulance could arrive. In the moment of her telling me that story, the link was understandable. At the same time, she appeared to be punishing herself for what her grandmother had done. It was the grandmother who felt that she deserved to die.

That was family history no one would talk about. Her dad was only twelve when the accident happened. He never forgave his mother who continued drinking and was dead by the time he was twenty. I actually asked her to bring her father into the session and I had her sit to the side and watch me work with him.

She won't quit breeding

He was able to access the emotions that had been missing for him, love for his father and his mother and come to a place of understanding. Instead of feeling that what they did to us was personal, we can look at their history, and see the traumas that explain why they may have been distant or drank or were cold towards us. Is that your experience? If we can make the link and then look at the trauma that affected their behavior, we gain an understanding, and that leads us to compassion. MM: How do you get into the embodied experience of recognizing the pain in trauma and releasing it?

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When I asked her what happened in her family, she told me the story she knew quite well. Her mother had a baby a year before she was born. While breastfeeding, her mother fell asleep, rolled over and suffocated the baby. Unable to cope with the trauma, her mother and father decided to have another baby right away, and quickly got pregnant to ease their pain. That trauma, however, deeply affected the new pregnancy.

She probably also carried an unconscious fear of harming or even killing the new baby. This intensified under John's rule, with many lesser nobles arriving from the continent to take up positions at court; many were mercenary leaders from Poitou. This trend for the king to rely on his own men at the expense of the barons was exacerbated by the tradition of Angevin royal ira et malevolentia — "anger and ill-will" — and John's own personality.

John was deeply suspicious of the barons, particularly those with sufficient power and wealth to potentially challenge the king. John's personal life greatly affected his reign.