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Many therapists and doctors are demonstrating the powerful effect of vibrational healing. Whilst Sound healing is often heralded as a new modality, it is far from the case. Unfortunately for conventional medicine, the newer scientific insights into how molecules move and generate life are recognizing the powerful role of energy fields in shaping the structure and behavior of matter, factors that control life. We have no doubt many doctors and scientists will readily accept quantum physics, as the evidence is irrefutable. It is the subsequent translation and application into medical practices and principles that then completely evaporates all what was once held as true.

As once the practicalities of the quantum science field are applied that then takes all boundaries away as we all realise the power of our own being, our own energy and the influence we have upon ourselves and creating matter. Although called SOUND therapy it is really as much, if not more, about the vibrational effect upon each person.

Think of an orchestra; each section tunes to a different key , then when all in tune plays perfectly and harmoniously. In each section however the instruments are sufficiently unique to become acceptable within the desired key, but have a distinct tome of their own, just like each one of us.

This is no accident. In the Sufi lineage, it has been described in detail in the poems of Rumi, and the writings of Kabir and Hafiz. It is a true science of sacred sound which is precise in its application, yet non-denominational in approach. The sounds of the ancient tools we use, Planetary Gongs[ i. Dr Mitchell Gaynor , Dr. Dr Gaynor uses Sound Therapy with his cancer patients and at a hospital in Toronto a friend of ours was offered sound therapy [ with an electronic device ] to treat his prostate cancer [ albeit it at a princely sum of money].

Ultra sound has been used to break down kidney stones for many years and in many hospitals in Europe Ultra Sound is used to destroy and break down soft tissue tumours — without any side effect to the patients and at a fraction of the cost of chemotherapy. He and Helene Grimal studied the effects of low volume sound decibels on human cells. They mounted a camera on a microscope where they had placed slides of human uterine cancer cells; and then proceeded to play various acoustical instruments guitar, gong, xylophone as well as voice for periods of twenty-minutes, while they observed the effects on the cells.

I discovered that the real power of using sound for healing resides only in the harmonics, not in the sound itself. So only acoustic instruments not electric or electronic can be used for Sound healing! They discovered that the human voice and gongs are 2 of the most significant harmonic healers, having success with cancer patients. For those interested in the harmonics and the math of the music there is more on this at the end of this piece. On the physical, sound has the ability to rearrange molecular structure.

This is a scientific fact. When we are in a state of health, all these bodily parts are working together in harmony, creating an overall harmonic of health. If one of these parts begins to vibrate at a different rate, this is what we call disease. He is not the only Western-trained scientist who believes in sound healing. In the early s, French physician Alfred A.

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In a more recent study, 30 minutes of music therapy produced the same effect as 10 milligrams of Valium on critical-care heart patients, reports Raymond Bahr, M. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore. Other studies on the effects of sound on matter [ really nothing more than vibratory frequencies ] have been done and Cymatics, [the study of wave phenomena] is worth a read. This was pioneered in the s by the late Swiss scientist, Dr Hans Jenny. Following the work of German physicist and acoustician, Ernst F. Chladni, who, towards the end of the 18th century, created intricate sand patterns by vibrating a steel plate with a violin bow, Dr Jenny employed the modern technology of the day to carry out more precisely replicable experiments.

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Using a sine wave generator and a speaker to vibrate various powders, pastes and liquids, Jenny succeeded in making visible the subtle power through which sound structures matter. These phenomena vividly reveal certain universal principles which lend credence to the proliferation of sound therapies that are rapidly emerging at the forefront of the holistic health movement [ Another example of the blending of ancient wisdom with the discoveries and practical applications of modern science?

He found that randomly swinging pendulums of similar lengths would begin to swing in unison after a period of time. After extensive observation, he formulated the principle of entrainment to describe this phenomenon where weaker pulsations come under the influence of stronger ones. Some years later, British naturopath Dr Peter Guy Manners applied this same principle to treat a variety of physiological conditions.

Positing that every form, with its unique shape, size and density, vibrates within its own specific range of frequencies, Manners correlated the resonant frequencies of healthy tissues and organs. He devised a way to project these vibrations via sound waves, directly into the body to rebalance and restore [ re harmonize the cells]. There are also well-established practices which require no sophisticated equipment other than our own nervous system.

For example, the beat frequencies associated with states of deep meditation are quite prevalent in such ancient ritual instruments as Tibetan singing bowls.

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  5. Ask them in front of the cafeteria who invented Brunch and why? Spoiler: Benjamin Franklin It's a perfect segway to campus dining. I had the pleasure of touring a small, local flower farm a few days ago and I spotted dinner-plate size dahlias blooming in a hundred different colors. They have a variety of meanings but one of the more prominent ones is Instability. Perhaps it's a reflection of the weather right now during the changing of the seasons. Lo llamo el test de los tres tamices.

    El primer tamiz es la verdad.

    Beethoven and Souljourn by Carolyn Ann Mingus

    Has comprobado si lo que me dices es verdad? Continuamos con el segundo tamiz, el de la bondad. Lo que quieres decirme sobre mi amigo, es algo bueno? Por el contrario. Her story is inspired by personal events and provides insights for anyone looking to develop confidence in yourself and others, check her out! You need to grip life by the…lemons and squeeze until you have yourself the best cup of lemonade. But ya know what. Fuck plastic.

    Join us for Passover 2016.

    Plant more trees. Be mindful of what you are putting into your body.

    Love nature, love yourself and speak up for those that need it. The earth needs all of us to care more. I feel like I care so much because not enough people do. Above all.

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